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Trees and Power Outages

​Trees are a top cause of electricity outages. Did you know that one tree can affect a power line serving an entire neighborhood? When branches grow into distribution lines, they may cause problems during the next wind, ice or electrical storm.

Part of Oncor's job is to deliver electricity safely and reliably. That's why Oncor performs maintenance pruning regularly throughout its service area. Certified arborists and degreed foresters work with experienced line-clearance qualified crews to prune trees, balancing the health of trees with electrical safety. For tree maintenance near power lines, Oncor has received the National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Line USA award since 2001.

To help keep trees away from lines:

  • Plan ahead before landscaping. Don't plant below power lines, unless choosing approved native plants recommended by Oncor's Know Before You Grow program.
  • Keep an eye out. If trees are near power lines (closer than 10 feet), don't try to prune them. Stay away from the lines and keep all ladders and tools away. Instead, call 1.888.313.6862 to schedule an inspection.

Visit the Tree Pruning section for more information on trees and power outages.

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