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Renewable, Solar and More

Distributed Generation (DG) refers to the interconnection and parallel operation of an electrical generating facility located at a customer’s point of delivery (point of common coupling) with capacity of ten megawatts (MW) or less and connected at a voltage less than 60 kilovolts (kV).

Oncor will work with customers, or the customers’ designated representatives to ensure a safe and reliable interconnection of new DG to the Oncor system.
Off-grid systems such as emergency generators, where generation serves isolated load that is not connected to the Oncor grid and that never operates in parallel with the Oncor system, do not have an interconnection requirement.
Examples of Distributed Generation:
· Solar
· Wind
· Battery Storage
· Landfill Gas
· Diesel-fueled Engines
· Natural Gas Fueled Micro-turbines
If you are interested in connecting new or added DG to the Oncor system, an Interconnection Application starts the process.
Please be aware that an Interconnection Agreement is required for customers to be granted Permission to Operate (PTO).

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