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General Steps for Interconnection Inverter Based Certified Solar and Wind

General Process for certified systems meeting the requirements of UL-1741 Utility Interactive
1)   Submittal of the Interconnection Application.  Oncor encourages the use of the eTRACK tool by contractors or installers (which may sign up by sending an email to dg@oncor.com)
2)    Oncor receives, reviews the application for completeness
3)    Performs distribution grid system impact assessment
4)    Oncor prepares the Interconnection Agreement (IA) and for smaller systems eTRACK forwards the IA electronically (to the customer or customer’s installer) for customer approval and signature
5)    Signed IA processed into eTRACK by customer or customer’s agent and countersigned
6)    Meter reprogramming changes are initiated and processed for approved systems (enable in-flow and out-flow metering)
7)    Oncor Permission To Operate (PTO) notification granted following fully executed IA and meter re-programming
8)    Oncor processes ERCOT profile changes to enable customers Retail Electric Provider (REP) to account for out-flow energy sent to the grid 
Other Important Items
1)     Meter reading out-flow kWh will not be reported until the first full monthly billing cycle following the later of the meter set date or fully executed date of the Interconnection Agreement
2)     Customer is responsible for negotiating an agreement with their Retail Electric Provider (REP) for out-flow kWh
3)     Visible AC disconnect is required to be within ten feet of the Oncor meter. Systems where visible AC disconnect is not located near the Oncor meter will need to follow the Oncor Placard Guideline

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