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Billing and Rate Schedules

​​Oncor delivers electricity that you buy from your Retail Electric Provider (REP).  We invoice the REP for the cost to deliver electricity to your home or business and those rates and charges are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

​Rate Schedules
Oncor is transparent about our pricing structures, so our site includes various rate schedules and applicable riders. Links below will take you to detailed information on pricing as approved by the PUCT and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as applicable.

Retail Delivery Service Rate Schedules
Oncor’s retail delivery service rate schedules and applicable riders below include detailed information on retail pricing as approved by the PUCT.

Oncor Tariff for Retail Delivery Service 

Oncor Retail Delivery Service Rate Codes
Please download the Excel file to view the complete list of Oncor Retail Delivery Service Rate Codes. The Delivery Service Rate Codes are applicable to all Retail Electric Providers receiving Delivery Service within Oncor’s Service Area.

Residential Delivery Service Rate Comparison
We have provided comparisons of residential delivery service rates between Oncor and other Transmission and Distribution Service Providers.

Residential Compari​son

Wholesale Transmission Service Rate Schedules   
Transmission Service tariffs apply to wholesale transmission service within ERCOT and approved by the PUCT. The Tariffs comply with the State's Utilities Code and PUCT Substantive Rule requirements that wholesale open access transmission service be provided on a nondiscriminatory basis to all wholesale transmission system users including the Company itself.

Oncor Tariff for Transmission Service 

Oncor NTU Tariff for Transmisson Service

The Tariff for Transmission Service To, From and Over Certain HVDC Interconnections (FERC TFO Tariff) applies to wholesale transmission service, which utilizes the North or East HVDC interconnections between ERCOT and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). This tariff is approved by the FERC.

FERC TFO Tariff 

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