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Sandy Restoration Sends Oncor Crews North to New Jersey

Approximately 500 Oncor employees and contractors are in the Northeast to restore power in the wake of a major storm. The majority of those crew members have been rerouted to New Jersey after restoring power in the Baltimore, Md., area. While in New Jersey, Oncor will be working on behalf of First Energy as part of Oncor’s participation in several mutual assistance programs.
“Our crews are expert at managing desperate situations, and we’re more than happy to move where we are needed,” Oncor Vice President of Distribution Operations Keith Hull said. “Countless organizations coming together to help can make conditions on the ground difficult, but safety remains our top priority.”
Sandy devastated the Northeast. The Garden State saw the brunt of the storm, with Category 1 winds of 80 miles per hour and band after band of flooding rain. According to the Associated Press, about 1.2 million people in New Jersey were in the dark on Friday morning, down from a peak of nearly 3 million.
Oncor’s efforts to restore power and some of the damage crews encountered are documented in photos on the company’s Flickr page.​

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